Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Big Noise in Oak Park

Another fun show last Friday. Really cold, but nice crowd. An audible gasp went through the audience when I made a wisecrack about Frank Lloyd Wright. Lighten up people. Nobody asked us to turn down and I got free coffee, so I'm happy. As always, Art had some kind of issue about a service door not being opened promptly for him. And his books weren't prominently displayed. Yes, we all know he deserves better and he'll be the first to tell you. But he sure played the hell out of that acoustic guitar - pretty funny hearing that thing do loud feedbacky solos in a Borders. For Algonquin, Jef requested "New Is New" and "Jimmy Take Your Pills." We'll talk to legal and see what we can do. Hit comments and post your request, if you dare.
See ya in Algonquin.
Scott da bass playah


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Paraquat" "(I got your number from a) Toilet Wall"

3:40 PM  
Blogger One F said...

Hey, since you have an acoustic going what about some of the old slower songs. "Girls," "Lisa" and the ilk?

9:32 AM  

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