Wednesday, January 12, 2005


first part of 3 city borders book tour--friday nite, jan 7, 2005 ad in the year of our lord....
first, i was relieved that they got the marquee right.  CLEANING LADYS and julia chlilds book tribute--not the other way around.  so often they fail to realize we're the headliners.
     it was so great to see people sitting in front of us in rapt attention.  oh wait a minute--i think a lot of them were looking down at their newspers and magazines.
     no, that's ok though, hey, we don't mind.  you can read when we play.  (my wife used to do it all the time at rehearsals).  or eat.  we've played for some of those crowds.  once, we played this platos retreat revival show and...
     well, never mind what they were doing there....
     i really dug john's ironing board.  he mastered it much better than he did the casio button he used to be responsible for pushing ONE TIME A NIGHT back in the old days--(but that he always failed to do).
     it was fun playing our real old songs--some of them older than many of you.  i particularly enjoyed "sponsored by your parents."  it was so prophetic when you think about it.  everything's for sale in music today--even the very things that are destroying the old magical format (such as albums.  how much are u2 getting to plug their ipods?  oh, never mind.  is the new schwarznegger flick out yet?)
     but i digress.  at the end of the show, as i was shlepping my equipment out to the car as i've done for 25 years now (but i'm older so i'm playing a leeettle itsy bitsy tiny wimpo amp and a very light acoustic) i notice....
     .....not one store official came up to us to say....
    not a "thank you..."
     not a "good job..."
     not even a "you were too loud and your guitar player is ugly..."
     great, isn't it?   the world keeps spinning, there's an endless supply of rock'n'roll sclockmeisters making 2 billion dollars a minute, and we keep plugging along...unnoticed.
     maybe this isn't what you wanted to read, huh?  I said CLEANING LADYS  and PUPPET that order, DAMMIT!!
     hey, we're looking forward to oak park.  and then algonquin.  i'm working on a song called "doing that abu graib."
     cleaning ladys and irqais, dammit!  I SAID CLEANING LADYS AND IRAQIS!!
(bloody peasants)...!
later, Art


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...much better than he did the casio button he used to be responsible for pushing ONE TIME A NIGHT back in the old days...

Was that before or after the era when John would "wear" a guitar durring the show?

mark the kid

2:33 PM  
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