Wednesday, January 12, 2005

sly zappa

Of course we're reading the new Frank Zappa biography by Barry Miles. Here's a good quote from Frank that, while not exactly matching our sentiments, comes pretty close:

"I had 3,000 people at the Berkeley Community Theater doing jumping jacks in 1968. I said, 'OK, now you're gonna get up and exercise, you people look like you're too tired. C'mon get up.' I had 'em outta the seats. The house lights were on. I stopped the music. They kept on doin' it. Then I said, 'OK, listen, this is what just happened. I told you to stand up and exercise and you exercised, is that right?' 'Yeah, that's right!' 'I tell you to do anything you'd do it, wouldn't you? That's the way the government operates. They tell you to do something and you do it. You're out there doin' jumping jacks, now isn't that stupid?' And all the while they're still jumping, they're waiting for the punchline. So we started playing again, the lights went down and the show resumed." (Zappa) felt he was doing them a favor: "You're telling them the truth. How can they hate you for that? OK. I played a prank on them. Such pranks are pulled every day, and far worse. Forget politics. One of the most depressing pieces of manipulation I saw was the Sly Stone segment of the Woodstock film, that kind of bogus hysteria."


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